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ACM and KSA renew cooperation protocol

Updated:2024-03-25 14:37    Views:109

In an update to consumer protection in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) have recently reaffirmed their commitment to collaboration through the renewal of their cooperation protocol. 

This collaboration is deemed significant given the shared responsibilities of both entities in the realm of consumer protection within the gaming industry.

The new cooperation protocol aims to create a framework of general principles and agreements that hope to guide the relationship between the ACM and the KSA over the coming years.

Said agreements are designed to streamline and optimise the fulfilment of their respective tasks, fostering efficiency and purposefulness in their joint endeavours. 

The renewed protocol is also geared towards creating a supportive environment where the two authorities can reinforce each other's efforts.

The necessity for this renewed collaboration is underscored by evolving legislation and regulations in the gaming sector. By aligning their protocols with these changes,Free games the ACM and the KSA hope to be better equipped to address contemporary challenges and effectively carry out their mandates. 

Notably, this new agreement replaces the previous cooperation protocol dated 16 December 2015. The renewed partnership aims to reflect a commitment to keeping regulatory frameworks current and up to date against the backdrop of a constantly evolving gaming sector.

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